The BEST Way to Lose Fat - Myth Busted! 
Written by Joshua McClelland-  2018
What's is the absolute best way to lose fat? 

I get asked this question the most out all any other fitness question. 
The simple short answer is that there isn't neccessary a “best way” to lose fat... Each person will respond differently to a training program and each indivual will drop fat differently accordingly to their body. **There's is no such thing as target fatloss.** However, there are a few principles that need to be applied and focused on when loosing weight.
Let’s dive in… 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) OR Aerobic Training (cardio)?
To decrease body fat percentage, you do not necessarily have to use fat during exercise. Much of the fat from adipose tissue (as opposed to intramuscular fat, which is primarily used during exercise) is lost in the hours following exercise, which is known as the after burn. The amount of fat lost after a workout depends, in part, on the type of exercise and the intensity during the workout. Following high-intensity exercise, the rate of fat oxidation is higher than it is following low-intensity exercise. Because you can perform a greater intensity of work if the work is broken up with periods of rest, interval training is a great way to perform high-intensity work and help decrease body fat percentage.

Weight Lifting and Burning Fat-
One main principle that I want to touch on is performing exercises that incorporate multiple joints and muscle groups known as compound movements. Squats, deadlifts, press etc. These movements are going to burn more calories as opposed to isolated movements like bicep curls, lateral shoulder raises. When first starting a new fitness regimen, body-weight compound movements will be best suited until you are ready to add weight and volume to those compound movements.
Compound movements will burn more calories AND build more muscle than isolation movements! #Boom!

Breaking the Myths!
You're not alone if you believe that losing weight means sweating your butt off spending hours on a treadmill or elyptical. A huge assumption and misunderstanding is that low-intensity exercise for long periods of time is best for burning fat. During exercise at a very low intensity, yes fat does account for most of the energy expenditure. While at a moderate intensity, fat accounts for only about 50% of the energy used.
Since the number of calories used per minute is much greater at a moderate to high intensity than at a low intensity, the total number of calories expended during a moderate- to high-intensity workout is greater than it is during a low- intensity workout of the same duration.

So to wrap things up, if losing fat is your objective, then I would suggest a combination of endurance/HIIT and strength training results in greater fat loss than either exercise regimen alone.

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Joshua McClelland 

Joshua McClelland assists entrperneurs and professionals in reaching an optimal life through health & fitness. He is an expert at pin pointing health problems and helping people understand a fitness lifestyle.
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